View Full Version : Schneider 550 mm XXL and Chamonix

Richard K.
24-Oct-2008, 11:49
OK, I may have asked this before but I did a search and can't find this specific question!:confused:

Will the Schneider 550 mm Fine Art XXL fit on Chamonix cameras (I guess 14x17, 16x20, 12x20 etc.)? I'm mostly wondering if the 5" diameter rear element will pass through the throat on the front standard. Thanks!

Also, are the brass pieces removable? How much weight would that save?

Phil Hudson
24-Oct-2008, 12:02
It's not quite an answer to your question but remember that the Fujinon-C 600/11.5 also covers some of these formats with a significant weight and size reduction if you're not planning on using too much movement.

I'd also be interested in hearing about the removable brass trim on the 550 XXL.....

24-Oct-2008, 12:53
my guess is that it will fit, but only just! Since the inner opening is square, and not a smaller round hole (on the 8x10 anyway, I assume the 8x10 standard is the same standard for the larger cameras?) I can measure tonight when I get home if you would like.

24-Oct-2008, 13:11
Tri Tan's Majiang Table uses Toyo view lensboard standard. My guess is that, you can order whatever front standard you like.