View Full Version : Is Sinaron SE identical with Apo-Sironar S?

21-May-2001, 01:58
As far as i know the Sinaron objectives are produced by Rodenstock and all the s pecifications I could find on Sinaron SE objectives seem to be identical with Ap o-Sironar S's (weight, angle/image circle). In pictures they also look very simi lar. Can anyone confirm this my assumpition? I'm asking this because fore some t ime I've been looking for a used 5,6/150 Apo-Sironar S and now a 150mm Sinaron S E is offered. Olli

Stefan Geysen
21-May-2001, 06:37
Olli, yes, your assumption is correct. I had the Sinaron SE 150mm myself (before I foolishly sold my LF kit,being under the illusion I would be better of with medium format; switched back to LF a couple of weeks ago). It's an excellent lens! Buy it before someone else does, I'd say. Sinar's designation is a bit confusing: Sinaron S is the same as Rodenstock's Apo Sironar N, and Sinaron SE is the same as Rodenstock's Apo Sironar S.