View Full Version : Schnieder APO Symmar 150 5.6 backlens -Japan?

22-Oct-2008, 14:31
I recently bought a Schneider Apo symmar 150 5.6 (pre L version) from a Auckland NZ Camerastore by mailorder. I noticed that the back lens not only carries a different serial number but it also says "Lens - Japan". To my knowledge Schneider does not produce in Japan and beside that the coating seems to have a different color, the writing is different and the diameter of the backelement does not conform to the specifications in the Schneider Catalog from their web page archiv for the Apo Symmar 150 5.6 being 45 instead of 46mm. I could not find a picture online that shows the back elemet clearly.
Might the back lens have been mixed up with another lens eg. a Nikon at some point or do these Schneider back lenses look like that?
Thanks for your help!Appreciated

Sheldon N
22-Oct-2008, 14:38
That looks like a Fuji rear element to me. I'd send it back, it is most certainly not a Schneider rear element.

22-Oct-2008, 15:41
That is a Fuji rear element, no questions about it. I have about a dozen Fuji lenses here and they all look like that.


22-Oct-2008, 19:11
thanks a lot!
The "Frankenstein" lens is going back.
the worst thing the dealer knew but"forgot" about it. :mad: