View Full Version : Lensboard for Tachihara 4x5 Copol #1

Douglas P. Theall
21-May-2001, 19:38
Hi again, Was wondering if any of you know where I can pick up a lensboard for a Tachihara 4x5 for a Copol #1. The lensboard I have with my 150mm lens is 3 3/4 x 3 7/8. The Copol #1 has a 39mm hole (by my measurement). All assistance would be appre ciated. This is for my 210 Sinonar lens. Thanks again for all your help. Doug

21-May-2001, 21:04
Hi Doug,

You're after a Linhof lens board. You will have no trouble finding these boards second hand at any shop that deals in LF gear. They sell regularly on ebay as well (search for Copal). Alternately, you can get a local engineering company to make you up a couple, or if you're handy with tools, make one up yourself from an old stop sign that you might find lying by the side of the road.

John Hicks
21-May-2001, 21:49
Check www.calumetphoto.com for a #1 lensboard for the Woodfield XM camera, which is a Tachihara. The Calumet boards are $38.95; I wouldn't be surprised if that' s less than a used real-live Linhof board. The same boards are used for the Wist a 4x5 field cameras.

Roger Rouch
22-May-2001, 00:07
Try Midwest Camera. They were about $30. drilled a while back.

22-May-2001, 03:51

Steve Grimes has (or can make) any number of boards you need. You can get Technica clones (fit Tachihara) for $40 US. He will make them with the offset hole (Linhof style) or with the hole centered (Tachihara). I have a few and they work nicely.

Go to http://www.skgrimes.com

Dave Willison
22-May-2001, 11:07
If you have some basic tools (drill, exacto knife, sandpaper) you can make your own lensboards for wooden field cameras like the Tachihara. I use 1/8 plywood available in cherry, walnut, birch, etc. from Woodcraft.com or Rockler.com. DIY lensboards are particularly useful if you plan to purchase several lenses or you will be mounting the same lens on different cameras. There are several posts in this forum on making lensbords or drop me a line if you have further questions. Hope this helps.


James Colburn
22-May-2001, 11:12
Adorama in New York (www.adoramaphoto.com) has them.