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21-Oct-2008, 06:01
I have been looking for a longer lens to add to my kit and I would love to know what you all are using for a longer focal length on 4x5. I have an APO Ronar 480mm for my 8x10, but its in a barrel and I would like to have a shutter. Obviously, my ideal choice would be a Fujinon 450mm A or a Nikkor-M 450mm. I don't won't a Copal 3 if at all possible, any other options out there, old or new and Non-telephoto?

Thanks, -=Will

Gem Singer
21-Oct-2008, 07:18
Assuming that you have enough bellows extension on your 4X5, the Fuji f12.5 450C is the longest non-tele lens in a Copal 1 shutter. It's a great lens.

If you don't have the bellows length, you can possibly add a top- hat lens board extension.

Most lenses available in longer focal lengths are either telephoto designs, or larger lenses mounted in Copal 3 shutters.

Ron Marshall
21-Oct-2008, 07:27
I have the Fuji 450 f12.5. I am very satisfied with it. I use it on a top hat board. I think it is about 250 grams. The 12.5 aperture is not a problem at that focal length.

David Karp
21-Oct-2008, 07:48
I really like my Fuji 450 C. I use it far more on 4x5 than I ever expected. The f/12.5 max aperture is not a problem for me. I was afraid it would be, but was pleasantly surprised.

Drew Wiley
21-Oct-2008, 10:42
Fuji 450c has the massive advantage of a #1 shutter - less weight and far less shutter
vibration. It's a good idea to avoid #3 shutter on a 4X5 unless you've got a tank like
a Sinar P. The 450c is optically excellent, but be aware that it sheds a massive image
circle onto 4x5, so needs to be well shaded in high-flare situations, preferably with a compendium shade.

Greg Lockrey
21-Oct-2008, 10:51
I have a Nikkor T 360 / 500 in a Copal 1, they aren't cheap but are very sharp.

Struan Gray
21-Oct-2008, 11:58
If you can live with a Copal 3 there are any number of dialyte process lenses that will do a fine job.

Apo-Ronars can be found in shutter in 420 mm and 480 mm versions. Late ones will be multi-coated. I have a single-coated 420 mm which works wonderfully as a 4x5 long lens. The biggest issue with the shutter is storing it for transport in a rucksack without letting any of the levers protrude and get bent (it's on a 98 mm square Technika board).

Other similar process lenses can also be found in shutter, like the Apo-Artar, or the Docter Apo-Germinar, but they tend to have inflated prices due to their cult following. Ronars seem to actually reduce the value of the shutter they are in.

John Jarosz
21-Oct-2008, 12:22
I have a 500mm Osaka telephoto that I bought from Bromwell about 20 years ago. It's a solid performer. You didn't say B&W or Color, but I have done both with it. At the time that lens was the cheapest option going for a 500mm lens in 4x5 that didn't weigh 50 pounds and break the front standard of my Wista. It was half the price of the Nikon teles. Don't know what they're going for now. A tele lens like that for 4x5 is great if you are using a wooden field camera. Many more options today.


21-Oct-2008, 13:10
another vote for the fujinon-c 450, I use it on my 8x10 and I love it. My 4x5 does not extend long enough to use it, but I imagine it would work well if your 4x5 extended long enough. it's very light weight, as others have mentioned, and has a nice small 52mm filter thread. :-) I forget exactly how much I paid for it, but it was well worth it.

Ken Lee
21-Oct-2008, 13:59
That's one of the great things about the lens. It takes the same sized filters as the Fujinon 240A, and many other small lenses.

By contrast, most big lenses take big filters, which are not only expensive and redundant, they are also easier to break in storage and transport.

erie patsellis
21-Oct-2008, 14:46
does the work you do typically need a shutter? or are you in the multi second range? If you can work with it, a 16 1/2" artar and a packard would cost far less than any of the other options, and if you build the packard shutter into a reducing board, use 4x4 lensboards and be able to use lots of "classic" lenses.

Don Hutton
21-Oct-2008, 15:06
Schneider 400mm Apo Tele Xenar - f5.6 - fabulous lens, quite heavy (but not excessively so but very expensive. Very bright and easy to focus and sharp wide open too.

Ben Hopson
21-Oct-2008, 15:27
Another Fujinon 450C user. Love it on 4X5 5X7 and 8X10. Great little lens.

21-Oct-2008, 17:03
Thanks for all the replies! I guess I will stay on the hunt for a Fuji 450mm C.