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20-Oct-2008, 19:07
Thanks to the founders, moderators, and members of this forum!!
I've made a lot of new friends, and bought some cool stuff through associating here.
It's great to know other people still use real cameras!
David Silva
Modesto, Ca
Real cameras are measured in inches!
Not pixels.

21-Oct-2008, 16:48
Ditto for me.

2-Jun-2016, 15:14
I figured this could use a "bump"! (particularly with the new policy feedback brewing of late);)

Special thanks to the founders and moderators.

Even difficult members have a gratuitous bone. :cool:

I just noticed that we can include images and LF.info will host.

Is this just kindness? If so thank you very much. But is there a way we can contribute? I mean other than being a smart aleck and torture tester?

I will do a gearnut sort of article one of these days...

5-Jun-2016, 18:25
I agree...

Sean Mac
7-Jun-2016, 18:59
I would like to thank our generous benefactor, and all the great people who share their time, skills and experience.

Thanks Folks.


8-Jun-2016, 01:48