View Full Version : Short FL on Horseman FA

Steve Clark
19-May-2001, 10:49
What is the shortest FL lens that can be used on a Horseman FA without any movem ents, and still cover 4X5? I plan to use it with a separate finder so it will ba sically be a LF point and shoot. Thanks, Steve

Robert A. Zeichner
19-May-2001, 11:21
Steve, you are really asking two questions here. Coverage is going to depend on the particular lens you select. There certainly are a number of short FL lenses that will cover 4x5. The other issue though has to do with the short FL as it relates to the design of your specific camera. Your front bed will drop out of the way and the front standard will tilt back to restore verticality to the lens plane. Adding some rise will again center the image circle on your target (film plane). You even have a little flap in the body of the camera that will flip out of the way when your lens is close in toward the film in case you need clearance there. This leaves the question of just how close you can bring the rear of the lens to the film plane. On the Horseman FA, this is pretty close as I recall. I know I used a 65mm Horseman lens without a problem. I'm not positive that something like a 47mm will work, but is seems like it should. It may be possible to make or have made a recessed lens board if necessary, but I think the real issue will be whether or not the bed will be visible with such a short lens. Are you wanting to go wider than that?

Robert White
21-May-2001, 17:11
Dear Steve, We find that a 75mm is the shortest focal length that can be used with any sense, a 65mm can be used without movements......I have heard mention of a recessed panel but with a panel size of only 8cm square I doubt it exists, or if it does how do you work the shutter. Yours Robert