View Full Version : Bleaching Negatives: How to?

G Benaim
18-Oct-2008, 09:07

I want to try to bleach some overexposed negatives to get them printable, wanted to ask a few questions. Do I need to put KBr in the ferricianide dilution as I do w prints to avoid fogging? How often do I need to refix as the negative is bleaching? When would you use a bleach and redevelop procedure, only when overexposed and underdeveloped? These are negs developed in Rodinal and pyrocat-hd. Thanks for your help.


Brian Ellis
18-Oct-2008, 09:32
Do an all-words search on Google, using the words "bleach negatives." You'll find a ton of information there for starters, if you have a specific question come back here and ask.

G Benaim
18-Oct-2008, 10:15
Hi Brian,

I did a search, came up w very little useful info. Just tried it w 2 negs, the rodinal neg came out fine, the pyrocat seems to have fogged. Any idea why this would happen?

18-Oct-2008, 10:46
Hi G,

Here's one from the APUG forum: