View Full Version : Viewed book on Trains by Kinsey!

Steve Wadlington
18-Oct-2008, 06:40
Just viewed a book on trains in the Pacific Northwest, by Kinsey,shot in the early part last century. He shot 11x14 glass plates then about 1914 film. His technique and the Ortho film yields great delicacy in the shadows of the train works. Very inspiring his dedication in tough conditions.

Walter Calahan
18-Oct-2008, 07:12
Only 11x14 glass plates. The slacker. HA!

And people complain to me all the time how tough their digital point-n-shoot camera is to operate. Grin.

Where did you see the book?

18-Oct-2008, 07:41
I'm interested: How does Orthos' spectral sensitivity help illuminate shadow areas in trains? Thanks,

Steve Wadlington
18-Oct-2008, 07:46
Ortho is sensitive to blue light. Shadows are mostly illuminated by blue light. The sky is burnt out, but the shadows glow.

Paul Fitzgerald
18-Oct-2008, 07:48
I think it's because the shadows are illuminated by reflected sky blue, (cyan), and ortho only reproduces blue + green (cyan). You can raise the exposure and not overexpose the scene.

Steve Wadlington
18-Oct-2008, 08:13
A friend at work (I work on an offshore oil platform) also brought out a book on trains shot by "O Winston Link" in the 1950's. He was an working commercial photographer who had an obsession on with "Last Steam Raillroad in Ameraca". He shot mostly 4x5 with elaborate lighting setups. Very impressive. Great photography and great historical documentary.

Jeffrey Sipress
18-Oct-2008, 17:09
I have a few of his railroad subject books. He was superb. He documented this aspect of American history so well.

Steve Wadlington
18-Oct-2008, 19:31

I'm in Lompoc, so we're neighbors so to speek, of course I live on "the other side of the track".

27-Oct-2008, 10:43
I have also few of his books on this subject i really wish to share with u guys.