View Full Version : Any chances that I can find a MPP Camera in HK?

Paul C.L
20-May-2001, 12:33
I known this type of Large format camera is quite rare (even in UK) but can I ha ve a chance find it in Hong Kong or in net? I'm also intend to find a Mirco-flash unit comes together with the camera. Thanks.

andrea milano
20-May-2001, 16:58
If that can help there is a shop in holland which sells a MPP they ship all over the world because they also sell on e-bay, however their site is http://www.fotoabro.nl, it might take a while before they answer. Greetings

Pete Andrews
21-May-2001, 07:53
The MPP microtechnical cameras aren't at all rare in the UK. Later models, and ones in first class order, are more difficult to find, but no more so than other brands of LF camera. They sell for around #300 through dealers, usually with a near-worthless lens thrown in.The flashgun is a different matter. I take it you mean the chrome handled flashbulb firing monstrosity? This has become a bit of a collectors item, and I don't think you'll find one at a price you like. Pose factor quite high, but practicality near zero.

Paul C.L
21-May-2001, 09:43
Thanks for your comment. I just saw one in ebay for over US$1,000.00!? Why this flash unit so rare? It just look like another flash unit which issued in US in the name of Heiland. Does they interchangeable?


Pete Andrews
21-May-2001, 10:07
I don't know if anything else will fit on the MPP accessory rail. It's a flat strip of metal with grooves in the side, a bit like a rifle 'scope slide. Anyway, the accessory rail only screws to a couple of posts on the side of the camera, and it wouldn't be too difficult to replace it with something more useful.

Geoffrey Mullen
2-Jul-2001, 10:12
If you fancy a restoration project, I have an old MPP which needs work. I got it when i was a photography student intending to restore it, but never did. The mechanicals are OK but the body has been stripped to bare metal and there are no lens panels, although it has two lenses, a 150 standard and a 90mm wide angle, both with shutters. I will e-mail digital photos if you are interested. Price? Difficult to price, open to offers.

Rolf Peine
22-Mar-2002, 18:51
I have a Monorail MPP 4x5 for Sale! Look in Germans Ebay. This Camera is in a good condition. Regards Rolf Peine