View Full Version : Two prong flash sync cords?

12-Mar-1999, 13:48

Could someone tell me where I can buy ready made flash sync cords online for the older LF lenses with the two prongs?

Also, has anyone modified such lenses to use the modern X-sync sockets? I have a Kodak 203mm Ektar that I want to use with a studio flash.

Thanks KH Tan

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
12-Mar-1999, 14:16
Paramount makes flash sync cords in various lengths and with assorted connections. What you seem to be looking for is a bi-post to pc synch cable. Calumet photo is on line, and you can reach them at 1- 800-CALUMET. Any large photo retailer should be able to help you out.

Bob Salomon
12-Mar-1999, 15:59
Assuming that your flash uses household plug cords I use the cords from electric shavers (coiled) or standard TV cheater cords from any electronic supply house. Sometimes there is a tad too much insulation on the tip so a knife trims

Henry Stanley
22-Mar-1999, 01:31
KEH in Dallas has dozens of used straight and coiled flash cords with the various connectors. They sell these for VERY low prices. If they don't have exactly what you need, it is a simple task to buy a couple and splice the proper connector using tape and a piece of black heat-shrink. Some flashes require a 3-prong version of the household plug, but the center plug is a dummy (to prevent kids from plugging into household current), so you can use the regular household plug if you want. If your Kodak 203mm Ektar has the two prongs, you won't have any trouble finding a cord, however the earlier 203 Ektars are not x-synched and do not have the prongs.