View Full Version : matching lenses for consistent look?

Darryl Baird
16-Oct-2008, 20:49
ok, I'm afraid this is a dumb question, but since I can't seem to find (by seaching for over an hour) an answer to the exact question, here goes...

I'm in the middle of a b&w 8x10 series, I started with a 240 G-Claron, 305 G-Claron, 360mm APo-Nikkor, and 480 mm Apo-Nikor. The most used lens in the early stages was the 240 due to the need to shoot close to storefronts (for an architecture project). Needing a wider lens and being underfunded (aka poor), I picked up a 210mm Fuji-W and it has since seen a lot of service. It is very sharp and looks similar to the 240 G-Claron to my eyes.

I've run out of image circle with the 240 G-Claron a couple of times and thought about the 10" Commercial Ektar I have that is languishing in another camera bag. I didn't get the lens mounted onto a board (for a new 8x10 camera) since I felt it wouldn't match the other process lenses "look" even though it has a slightly larger image circle. When I tested the lens it had a lower contrast and smoother look about it than the G-Clarons.

Anybody have an opinion (what's the chance of that, eh? ... LOL) about matching lenses and the statement I just made about the Commercial Ektar.

I know I should test the lens myself, but my time is so limited that I can only shoot on Friday afternoons, (Michigan) winter is coming, and many of the building are about to begin with either renovation or demolition. I'd like to seek the combined experience and knowledge of the LF crowd.


Paul Fitzgerald
16-Oct-2008, 21:19

you can adjust the contrast with processing and the smoother look is not hard to live with BUT a Commercial Ektar is a tessar, not much more coverage than the G-Clarons. If you were to get a Wide Field Ektar it would help BUT if you're out looking and spending there are others in the price range that should match closer.

just a thought.

Michael Graves
17-Oct-2008, 05:48
Paul is right. The 10" CE is a nice lens. But it just barely covers 8x10. If your Fuji 210 is the older one with the good coverage, it actually has a slightly larger image circle.

Darryl Baird
17-Oct-2008, 09:14
I'm looking to fill the gap between the 210mm Fuji and the 305mm G-Claron, I've both a 240 GC and the 10" CE. Their listed image circles are similar, but the Ektar wins by a nose... others here have reported the GC has much better IC when stopped down, but I still have found vignetting when using a strong vertical rise. If the C_Ektar had more contrast, I think I'd chose it over the GC... thus my original question.

yes, my older model Fuji has tons of coverage (352mm IC)

I think I'll just have to try it to make up my mind... now where is that lensboard I bought last summer?