View Full Version : UK E6 lab - recommendations?

20-May-2001, 03:43
What are peoples' recomendations for E6 mail order labs in the UK, that can hand le Fuji Quickload? Thanks, fw

Philip Y Graham
20-May-2001, 08:20
I?ve sent my Fuji Quickloads to Metro Imaging in London (http://www.metroimaging.co.uk) for about 5 years with no problems.

Anthony Harrison
20-May-2001, 09:09
My regular pro lab is South West Colour Labs, Paignton, Devon - I know they do mail order, and certainly process 5x4, so I imagine Fuji Quickload is no problem. Excellent quality, good service, tel 01803 666640 or www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~swcl (hope this is still current). Tell them I recommended their service. Tony H

Garry Edwards
21-May-2001, 05:18
Leach Colour, 01484 406000. They have a very full range of professional services including 5x4 Quickload. Mail order is free except for very large items. I recommend them.

Pete Watkins
21-May-2001, 18:07
If you're in the midlands Stonleigh, Queensway, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 3JT. 01926-833539. Real quality.