View Full Version : Cable release won't trip shutter

C. D. Keth
15-Oct-2008, 23:45
So I bought a 10" commercial ektar and as soon as I got it I screwed one of my cable releases into it. I cocked the shutter and pressed the button and...nothing.:confused: I took a closer look and the release is pressing the trigger correctly, it's just not pressing it far enough.

Are there any cable releases that have a pin that sticks out particularly far that I could try with the shutter?

Ross Chambers
16-Oct-2008, 00:14
I found that my aged but trusty Fuji Fujica GM 670 was unresponsive to a "King" brand cable release. The guy behind the counter suggested the not inexpensive Nikon (I've forgotten the model) which has proved to be very good with any lens. It's very flexible, too. It has a lock off for long exposures.

regards - Ross

Tony Karnezis
16-Oct-2008, 00:37
According to Bob Salomon of HP Marketing, all Gepe and Linhof cable releases are long throw. I think the model Ross is talking about is the Nikon AR3.

Greg Lockrey
16-Oct-2008, 01:44
I found that Gepe's seemed to be the most reliable in that regard.

Michael Graves
16-Oct-2008, 05:58
I recently acquired a 10" Commercial Ektar from a forum member (GREAT lens, by the way!). I took it out with a Nikon AR-3 cable release and it worked just fine.

C. D. Keth
23-Oct-2008, 16:08
I went to freestyle today. A Gepe professional release (the one with the knurled ring to lock it up) does the trick. A 20" one cost $18 and feels like it will hold up well.

John Kasaian
23-Oct-2008, 17:21
Is it in an Ilex Unversal shutter? These are the ones requiring a longer throw than usual. If it is in a Acme then the shutter might need adjustment.

C. D. Keth
23-Oct-2008, 21:46
I'm afraid I don't know the difference. Above the glass it says "Ilex" and below it says "#4 Acme Synchro."

Jim Noel
25-Oct-2008, 08:58
The Ilex, #4 Acme shutter does require a long throw cable release. They cost more because they are only made by the better manufacturers.

Kevin Klazek
25-Oct-2008, 11:14
Indeed the Gepe Professional is a long throw (21mm) release. I had to get one for my Betax 5 shutter and it works with room to spare. Expensive, but it was the only cable release I could find with the long throw.