View Full Version : Sliding Tripod Block for Agfa 8 x 10 camera

Robert Richter
20-May-2001, 00:04
Does anyone know where I can obtain a sliding tripod block for my Agfa Ansco 8 x 10 camera ? I think I would like to get one to assist in balancing on my Ries tripod.

John Hennessy
20-May-2001, 13:02
You might try


I use a rrs stuff plate for balancing a TKs on a B1, but I have no idea if rrs makes anything to fit your bill.

David Richhart
20-May-2001, 20:48
Robert... I have seen several Agfa-Ansco blocks sell on Ebay in the last few months. They seem to bring 40 to 50 dollars.

The design is very basic. If you are handy with tools, and were to look at one closely, it would not be too difficult to make one. -Dave