View Full Version : Cokin filters for Rollei 6008

David Bairstow
7-Jul-2001, 19:24
Having just become a user of the Rollei 6008, and having an extended collection of cokin filters, does anyone know of a connecting ring for mounting the filter holder to an 80mm PQ lens?

Andre Noble
8-Jul-2001, 06:44
The 6008 is a beautiful MEDIUM format camera. :>) Andre

8-Jul-2001, 23:35
Cokin makes a gizmo that clamps on the outside of the lens using 3 plastic screws, but I found it to be a bit hokey so I didn't buy it.

If the 80 PQ has the bay 6 filter mount (same as the 80 mm for SL66) I have 3 rins that I made for myself. AFAIK, unless you get a machinist to do it for you there is no commercial product that goes directly.

For 80 mm and longer lenses you could try getting a bay 6 to 67 mm thread adapter from Hadley Chamberlin (www.hecphoto.com) and then use a 67 mm Cokin P ring.

Good luck & cheers,


Bob Salomon
9-Jul-2001, 05:56
Any camera store sells Heliopan Bay 6 to 67mm adapter rings.