View Full Version : 210 F6.3 Computar Symmetrigon

14-Oct-2008, 11:19
I would like to know more about this lens,
Cover 1:1 in 8x10 ?
is a proccess lens like the apo ronar , artar and g-claron?
is a good lens for 1:1 and close ups portraits on 8x10 ?
all the best

Gene McCluney
14-Oct-2008, 11:51
Any lens of 210mm focal length that covers 8x10 will be a wide angle lens, and will cause facial distortion if used for close-up portraits of people. If you want to achieve the traditional look of "head and shoulder" portraits you should use a lens of at least 375mm or greater. Greater would be better. 210mm would only be good for full-length heat to feet portraits, unless you "want" distortion.

14-Oct-2008, 12:17
It will not cover 8x10 at infinity, but should do the job easily at 1:1. And it probably will not cover 8x10 with a full body portrait, but who always needs the corners to be fully illuminated or sharp?;) It might cover 8x10 for a close-up portrait, but it might be closer than you want (but maybe not!)

It's design is not optimized for 1:1, but I doubt one would see any difference between it and one that was optimized for 1:1 on an 8x10 contact print.

I have only seen them factory-mounted in a Copol 1 shutter, so I would not consider them as a process lens. I used one on a 5x7 with great sharp results.


15-Oct-2008, 05:04
See the data sheet in thread http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=37912&highlight=symmetrigon
Some claims it will cover 8x10, some claims it will not. Sometimes it depends on your requirements.