View Full Version : Voigtlaender Ultragon Performance

13-Oct-2008, 12:48
I have no business asking this question, but another work week is upon us and getting out and actually making exposures will be difficult for a while, so I might as well fantasize a bit. (I have long wanted a tee shirt that reads "Ich bin ein braunschweiger" and a lens to go with it.)

Does anybody actually have any experience with the Voigtlaender Ultragon, particularly the 115 mm version? They seem to be pretty rare. Sellers ask a pretty penny for them and talk them up in transcendental terms. I imagine that it is difficult to rationalize the cost premium over the 110mm Super-Symmar XL. By the way, I am thinking of using it on 4x5 & 5x7.

Thanks - Alan

Peter K
13-Oct-2008, 13:03
The Voigtländer Ultragon 1:4.5/115mm is as nearly as rare as the Hologon in the same focal-length. With an angle of view of 88° it has an image circle of 222mm. So it works with 5x7" and it's 210mm image circle. This lens is a collector's item. Also for the same price the modern design of the Super-Symmar XL will be a much better choice for practical LF-photography today.

Andrey Donchev
13-Oct-2008, 14:55
I know that on eBay there is one for $1500 and few others around this price, but the last one which appeared on the German eBay not for "buy it now" went for 250E. It was 10 days auction. It seams that it is not sooo desirable!