View Full Version : 480mm f9 Apo-Ronar-CL

Miguel Coquis
13-Oct-2008, 02:18
I recently bought in this forum a 480mm f9 Apo-Ronar-CL and wonder if I can find a shutter that can fits this barrel beautiful lens.
Any suggestions (or suitable unused shutter:-) ?
Thanks in advance,

Armin Seeholzer
13-Oct-2008, 03:27
Hi Miguel

Have a look to this tread:

Paddy McKay
13-Oct-2008, 14:29
Have a look at Lens N2 Shutter's website, since this is exactly what you're looking for. You'll see an example of the 480 Apo-ronar mounted in what appears to be a Synchro #5 shutter. I think the Apo-Ronar's were produced in diferrent barrel widths, so you'd need to check your specs with him first.


Joshua Dunn
13-Oct-2008, 22:33
I have the same lens that I use with my Sinar Shutter. Works great. I also have the shutter it came in which I think (please donít quote me) was a Betax #5. I wonít be home for another month so I canít even check to make sure. But as Paddy mentioned more than likely you will have to do some machine work to get the threads on the shutter to match the threads on the lens.

If you absolutely need a shutter and your camera can handle it consider the Sinar Shutter. They are not cheap but if you have a lot of barrel or vintage lenses it is much more economical to use than finding shutters for all your lenses. I have four lenses now that I can use with the Sinar Shutter. You just front mount them on your lens board and go to work.

Just my two cents worth.


Miguel Coquis
15-Oct-2008, 01:28
Thanks a lot for your comments, it is of great help. Seems that the Sinar may be a global issue for all my barrel !