View Full Version : 240 witch lens to shoot landscapes on a techV

17-May-2001, 10:44
i don't want to make compromise, i'm only concern in image quality (color slides ) ! witch 240mm lens should i buy to shoot landscapes on a techV i don't want the apo ronar, the image circle is not big enought for my needs Fuji 240A, G claron, Sironar N, Sironar S, Apo symmar, Apo Sironar...witch one i s the best (equivalent to the 110XL in 240?) I allready own an apo symmar 180, and i will buy a 110 xl later...

17-May-2001, 12:51
I have the Rodenstock Apo Sironar-S 210 f5.6 and I love it. Although I have not used the 240mm, I would estimate excellent results, as well. I will be purchasing the 150mm Sironar-S, as well in the next few months.

Paul Schilliger
17-May-2001, 14:53
I have owned a Fujinon A 240/9 for a few months. Very sharp at f22-32 and tiny ( Copal#0). Great lens on my Tech V. Hurry up if you want a new one! They are selling from last stock.

neil poulsen
19-May-2001, 03:15
Wouldn't you best stand to match the results from your 180mm and future XL by purchasing a 240mm Apo Symmar?

Bob Salomon
19-May-2001, 07:07
Nothing will match the 240 Apo Sironar S

Paul Schilliger
19-May-2001, 14:44
Dan, you are naughty! Us poor froggies.