View Full Version : Retouching Sheet Film

David F. Stein
6-Jul-2001, 02:57
Nobody's perfect. Which sheet films are still available with retouching surfaces on both sides, if any. I was recently examining some 4x5 studio negs from the 60s or 70s and both sides seemed VERY matte, more so than even the emulsion side of today's films? Any hints. Thanks.

Carl Weese
6-Jul-2001, 08:30
Of films I'm familiar with, Bergger has the strongest 'tooth' or textured retouch surface. Tri-X has a smoother retouch surface, and Ilford films have very smooth surfaces. I notice it because Newton ring problems are much reduced with a good retouchable surface.---C

Ed Buffaloe
6-Jul-2001, 09:42
Efke films have excellent retouchable surfaces, but they are difficult to obtain in the U.S.

David Nash
9-Jul-2001, 18:38
Hi David

I recently bought some retouching fluid. This is applied using a cotton ball, and can be applied to either side of the film to give it a 'tooth'. Another benefit is that it is easier to wipe-out any retouching simply by adding another layer of the retouching fluid. From what I've read, this fluid should be used even on Kodak film that already has a 're-touchable' surface.