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Paddy McKay
10-Oct-2008, 16:32
Hi folks. I've got two older lenses, in barrels, that I'm considering selling, but I've not been able to find any leads (internet) that might give me a clue what they're worth. I was wondering if anyone might have an idea where I could find some information, in this regard.

The first lens is a 1920's vintage Ross Combinable (convertable) 14 1/2 " f/11 - 8 1/2" f/5.5 fully symmetrical lens. At 14 1/2" it's rated to cover 8x10, and at 8 1/2" it's said to cover 8x5.

The second lens is a nice compact Cooke Process Anastigmat 9"/230mm f/8 Series VB. Coated. It doesn't appear to have ever been used. 7x9 coverage at 1:1, and 6x7 1/2" at infinity, although it appears to easily cover 8x10 without any movement.

I've been able to garner the above technical information off of Camera Eccentric, but nothing with regard to current pricing. I suppose this might be due to not many of them being around any more, yes?

Thanks in advance. Paddy

Glenn Thoreson
10-Oct-2008, 19:10
Have you checked the completed auctions on ebay? Most of those old lenses are worth whatever someone is willing to pay, whatever that may be. Some have no sales record to look back on. That leaves you with this option - if you want to sell it, stick a price on it that you're happy with and see if anyone bites. If you strike out you can always bring the price down.

Paddy McKay
10-Oct-2008, 19:52
Glenn, I have checked Epay, and did see some Ross lenses. All of them though, were different focal lengths, so I've had no luck there.

Dan Fromm
11-Oct-2008, 02:08
Paddy, y'r lenses are much more common in the UK than in the US or Canada. Check ebay.co.uk as well as ebay.com