View Full Version : Nikkor-W 210 5.6 Rear Element Needed

Jeffrey Sipress
8-Oct-2008, 13:23
If your lens is accelerated by gravity in a downward direction and it encounters a rock, the rock will have the right of way, as witnessed by me this past weekend. Now the glass of the rear element has a nice chinger, well, not really nice. It looks quite like the piece of granite it hit.

Are rear element assemblies available anywhere? I know Nikon is out of the LF lens business. Where are the lens junkyards?

8-Oct-2008, 13:54
..Where are the lens junkyards?
Ummm, our drawers? :) I may be able to help--pretty sure I have a couple of Nikkor 210mm cells. It says machinist under your name--could you make me a couple of flanged retaining rings in exchange for the set?

Don Dudenbostel
8-Oct-2008, 14:11
I did this except it was a schneider lens that hit a concrete floor. Ugly sound when it hit!!! It chipped two elements internally, bent the mount and bent the shutter. The front group and mount was fine fortunately. A couple of years ago I found the same FL schneider that the front was trashed. I purched it fairly cheap and combined the two good groups. I sold the two damaged groups and shutter that was good on ebay as spare parts and got enough to pay for the new good rear group. The thing I didn't know was the shutter was bent about 5 degrees. I sent the package to schneider and they installed a new shutter and disassembled, cleaned and reassembled the lens. Now I have a basically new lens with a new shutter and everything looks and functions like new. The down side is I purchased a new 120 SW Nikkor (love the lens) and spent $440 on getting the SA fixed. Want a minty 121 Super Angulon with a new shutter, scale and CLA from Schneider? ;<)

Jeffrey Sipress
9-Oct-2008, 09:30
Thanks Barry. I think you have helped.

Don, I feel your pain. Glad to hear you found what you needed.