View Full Version : (Another) new Ebony

paul owen
16-May-2001, 15:49
Just thought I'd share with everyone a snippet of info that may be of interest! Especially to those looking to buy a quality landscape-only camera. Robert Whit e has just comissioned a scaled down version of the Ebony SW45! It has been name d the RSW45 and has done away with the same degree of movement on the front as t he SW (but will appeal to landscape fanatics who rarely use these movements anyw ay!)Still the same build quality and stability as the rest of the Ebony range bu t Best of all, the price! Cheaper than the RW45, coming in at about #995 (UK pou nds). Ebony offer a custom-build service at a price, and this is the next best t hing! The RSW45 owes its design to a member of Robert's staff!! Regards Paul