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7-Oct-2008, 15:43
Hey all,

Can someone advise me on the combination of using a Heliopan Centre Filter III and a Heliopan Linear Polarising filter - with my Schneider Angulon 5.6/65mm . What are the exposure compensations?

Im stopping down 1.5 stops for the Centre filter, which works fine on its own, but when i combine my linear polariser i can never seem to get correct exposure. Is there some kind of charts available with the info?

Thanks y'all

Peter K
7-Oct-2008, 16:00
For the pola-filter you need another 1.5 stops, so totaly 3 stops are needed. But be careful, if blue sky is taken with a WA-lens and pola-filter, the northern part of the sky will be darker because the skylight opposite to the sun is more polarized.

7-Oct-2008, 16:40
Ok great, i shall try that tomorrow..

another question.. ive just checked the polarising filter and it reads this:

Heliopan e86 pol lin 2.5x then numbers 1,2,3,4,5,---- 26. Do you know what the 2.5x & 1-26 numbers mean?

Thanks for your help

Peter K
7-Oct-2008, 18:11
2.5x means one has to adjust the exposure time 2,5x or 1 1/4 f/stops. On Helioplans website http://www.heliopan.de/produkte/polarisationsfilter.shtml one can read the exposure compensation is 1 to 1.5 f/stops. With LF- and SLR-cameras one can see the effect of the filter on the ground-glass resp. the view finder. With other cameras one has to turn the filter before the eye up to the best effect is found and the number at 12 o'clock will be read. Than the filter is mounted to the lens and the filter is adjusted in such a way the same number is at 12 o'clock.