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david b
7-Oct-2008, 07:02
Hello all,

I've recently acquired a nice Heliar 210 in a Compound shutter. It all seemed to be working smoothly and correctly, but when I developed my first batch of negatives with it I found a lightleak on a few frames. Having looked closely at the shutter I now notice that every so often when fired there is a tiny pinhole-sized gap between two of the shutter leaves right at the edge of the barrel.

Are there any fixes for this I can try myself, or is it a job for a professional?

Grateful for any suggestions!

7-Oct-2008, 07:38
That's a professional job. The leaves are very easy to damage and very hard to adjust. Its worth it as compounds are great shutters.

Vick Vickery
7-Oct-2008, 08:38
I'd suggest that you give Carol a call over at Flutot's Camera and see if she can help you with this; my guess is that it would correct with a standard CLA, but she could give you more definate information.

david b
7-Oct-2008, 08:46
Thanks, that's pretty much what I suspected.

Are there any options for getting it repaired in the UK, or are all the specialists for these sorts of things in the US?

7-Oct-2008, 10:04

If I'm right, I guess Maël at Photo Technique (www.photo-technique.com) could do this. He's in France, so it may be a bit easier than sending your shutter to the UK.

david b
7-Oct-2008, 14:02
I'll drop him a line. Thanks.

david b
14-Nov-2008, 04:40
I just thought I'd update this in case anyone has a similar issue in the future. I did contact Maël, but he was of the opinion that the repair wasn't possible due to lack of Compound spare parts, or at least would be prohibitively expensive.

However, I got in touch with Black On White Repair in Bristol, and they said "no problem" and I've received back from them today a fully repaired and serviced shutter that I'm really happy with.

So, someone to consider for any older LF equipment if you're in the UK.

Pete Watkins
14-Nov-2008, 13:30
Don't mess about, Carol at Flutots offers a superb service. Communication is brilliant and the quality of the work is superb. I know it's a long way from The U.K. but it's worth it.

Pete Watkins
14-Nov-2008, 13:32
Sorry, I didn't read the last message. I still stand by what I said though.