View Full Version : 4x5 Film Holder needed with Fuji Quik-Stick film?

David Roy
3-Jul-2001, 13:43
Do I still need 4x5 Film Holder if I use Fuji Quik-Stick film (e.i. Astia 100)?

Todd Caudle
3-Jul-2001, 14:54
Do you mean QuickLOAD? If so, no, you need the Fuji Quickload holder or equivalent.

David Roy
3-Jul-2001, 15:19
Todd: Thanks, your right, I did mean quickload.

Kaatharine Thayer
4-Jul-2001, 14:00
I have a similar question; I thought I'd read somewhere that the Polaroid 545 film backs will work for Fuji Quickload. Is this true?

David Roy
5-Jul-2001, 10:02
Katharine: I found this link should answer your question http://www.photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=000ek3

Pete Andrews
6-Jul-2001, 10:09
Quik-Stick film sounds quite a good idea. No filmholder needed. Just slap it on the inside of the ground-glass screen! And no film bulging problems either.;^0

Kaatharine Thayer
7-Jul-2001, 01:21
Thanks for link. I thought I had read everything on the site but evidently somehow missed the whole series of threads on film holders.

David Roy
9-Jul-2001, 20:33
Katherine: Yes, I've just recently found the categories at the lower section of the page too.