View Full Version : Xenar 300 f5.6 - any thoughts on this lense

Scott Hopkins
14-Mar-1999, 00:13
I am considering buying a Xenar 300 f5.6 used. The shutter and glass seems perf ect. I am found some specs saying that the lens is 4 elements in 3 groups. I w ould like to know if anyone out there has this lens and what your thoughts are o ne it. How is the contrast and sharpness? Is it worth getting for $500 or shou ld I look at a new version? I would be using this lens along with 2 Nikons I al ready have for nature work.

Thanks all!


Richard Fish
14-Mar-1999, 09:59
Scott - I picked one up last year to use on my 810 Deardorff. It's a whole lot contrastier than my 12" Commercial Ektar - in fact it's so much "harder" that I won't use it for people pix. $500 is a good price, considering what newer glass is going for these day, even used. Dick Fish Smith College