View Full Version : Development information for Arista 125 in D-76 and HC-110

Dan Blair
14-May-2001, 14:19
I would greatly appreciate information on developing Arista 125 sheet film in bo th D-76 and HC-110. I'm using hangars and tanks, so I'm looking for ballpark ti me, temperature and agitation figures from anyone who has used these combination s. Assuming that the Arista 125 is really Ilford FP4, I suppose I can also use Ilford data.

Thanks for any input.


Michael Pry
14-May-2001, 18:38
Dan, I have used both the 4x5 and 120 format and have just followed Ilfords guidelines and the results have been very nice. I don't use those developers (I am enjoying PMK Pyro at present) but just extrapolate the data from Ilford and you will be allright.

Hope that helps..........Mike