View Full Version : Purchased camera and lens - Thanks!!!!

Cedric P. Thevenaz
14-May-2001, 13:50
I just thought I would post my final decisions on first camera and lens, since e veryone has been so helpful in answering my questions, and since ALL the threads on this site have helped me.

I finally purchased a Schneider Super Symmar 110XL and an Arca-Swiss F-Field ver sion camera with the 30cm collapsible monorail, both from Jeff at Badger Graphic s (very helpful).

I felt the weight and compactness of this Arca camera were ideal for portability , and the quality superior IMHO. I also felt the 110XL was the best lens that mo ney could buy in this particularly focal length which I used and enjoyed most in smaller format (if you're going to go for maximum image quality, especially wit h the quickly improving digital scene, I felt one should start with the best - i f it can be afforded of course). Since I hope my second lens will be about 180- 210, the wide angle belows which comes with the Arca Field is perfect I believe. Longer lenses in the future, you bet, but then the Arca can easily be adapted with an extension and longer belows.

Once again THANK YOU for all the help. I hope, with some experience, that I can soon become a contributor to the wealth of knowledge on this forum.

Cedric Thevenaz