View Full Version : New lens arrived early

2-Oct-2008, 20:08
So, my newest indulgence on ebay arrived today. It is supposedly a petzval design lens. Looks to be a bit later than most since it has an iris (marked 1-5). Im excited because this is my first 'big' lens (physical size). No idea what it covers, no idea what the aperture is. Ill find out tomorrow. Its about 8" long.

Walter Calahan
3-Oct-2008, 04:58
May the fun begin. Congratulations.

3-Oct-2008, 07:18
Now that's going to be handy; a petzval with an iris. If it's about a 10-12 inch focal length, it will cover 5x7 and wholeplate probably. Maybe more with vignetting. They have to be pretty large physically to cover 8x10, about a 10 pounder! Have fun.

3-Oct-2008, 08:06
Yeah, I am hoping to put it on my whole plate camera. I hope the front standard knows what its in for. I have to make a retaining ring for it so that is the first order. Ill try and get some images up in a few days.

3-Oct-2008, 09:02
if it doesn't cover at infinity, it may still work for portraits!

3-Oct-2008, 09:29
Yeah, Ill coax it into some capacity in my toolbox of lenses. Just wish the lathe was up and running and I would make a lens flange for it. Damn the bad luck.