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Antony Carvalho
14-May-2001, 11:11
Hi folks, I've been ubeen using Kodak Technical Pan in 4X5' format for quite a while, and used to develop it in Technidol. I've heard that this film developed in Rodinal can give exquisite results. Can anyone help ? ( dilution, time...) Thanks a lot.


pat krentz
14-May-2001, 12:01
I don't know about 45 techpan in Rodinal, since I use PMK or SD-1, but a few years back when I use to do a lot of 35mm I used Rodinal 1:150 and it was very good I don't rememer the times though. I would start at 10:00 and adjust from there. Pat

14-May-2001, 13:56
The actual "Photographie"-magazine (german lang.) appearing in Switzerland, sho ws some tests, comparing the T.pan with p.e. gigabytefilm, using different devel opers.

Pete Caluori
14-May-2001, 15:54

I've used TP and Rodinal at 1:300 for about 10 - 14 minutes, you'll have to test for the times yourself. The only problem with using this weak a dillution is ensuring you have a sufficient volume of chemistry. Make sure you use enough stock Rodinal as you would for a 1:100 dillution, otherwise you'll end up with under developed negs. Good luck!


paul owen
14-May-2001, 15:55
Antony, I haven't tried it with 5x4, but I have used it with 120 roll film. I checked through some old notes and I used it diluted 1:125 and my N time was either 12 or 15 minutes (can't read my own writing!) with agitation for 10 seconds at the end of every minute.

pat krentz
15-May-2001, 13:35
Bruce Barnbaum in his book Art of Photography suggests 1:150 for 10:00 @ 68-F for 45 film rated at 25 ASA. I would suggest that you get hold of the book, it is informative. Pat