View Full Version : Schneider SA 38mm XL?

Todd Caudle
3-Jul-2001, 00:17
I was poking around Badger Graphic's site tonight and ran across a Schneider Sup er-Angulon 38mm f5.6XL lens. I couldn't find any info about it on the Schneider Optics site, or anywhere else. Is this new? Anybody got specs on this one? Sound s like a fun medium-format lens, although being an XL, I wonder what the IC is. Then again, I doubt there's very many LF cameras that would accomodate a lens of this focal length. Any thoughts?

Dominique Cesari
3-Jul-2001, 08:56
The lens was introduced at the end of 2000, you may find info on the German site : http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com

image circle : 137 mm (read on a thread of sept 7 2000 by Kerry Thalmann)

Michael Klayman
3-Jul-2001, 09:55
I'm working on getting all of our product literature up on the new website. Hopefully it will be there by next week.