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1-Oct-2008, 03:31

Does anybody know anywhere that sells film cheaper than any other place online (if it exsists) Im willing to spend money to shoot 4x5, but anything I can save is always a plus. Stuff is pretty expensive in my area!:)


1-Oct-2008, 03:56

1-Oct-2008, 04:36
What do you mean by cheap? Do you mean the cheapest possible ot do you mean specific films at the cheapest price? Because FreeStyle is not the cheapest I have found for most films. Their Arista EDU Ultra is cheap and very nice but they are not cheap by any means for Fuji and Kodak. Just check their QuickLoad prices and that will convince you of that.

1-Oct-2008, 04:51
well yeah, just any places you can find cheap film, Im looking for slide film mostly... Kodak Portra NC film?

1-Oct-2008, 05:23
You can sometimes get short-dated or out-dated film on ebay - I've gotten quite a lot of E100G in 4x5 there for around 1/3 of the retail cost even including the shipping. It's usually 6-12 months outdated, but I've not seen any difference between it and the fresh film that I bought around the same time. B&H also sells short/out dated film under film specials, so you might check there...

- Randy

1-Oct-2008, 05:34
in 3 months +/- check out photowarehouse.
rumor has it they will be back ...

David A. Goldfarb
1-Oct-2008, 06:36
PhotoWarehouse is http://ultrafineonline.com/

They usually have good deals on cold stored short dated Fuji chrome films.

Jeffrey Sipress
1-Oct-2008, 09:07
I alway see film on ebay. Some expired film is cheaper. but very useable. Consider used film for the best deal of all!

1-Oct-2008, 10:30
sometimes local camera stores have outdated boxes of film in "cold storage"
i found one store near me, and bought 20boxes of 100 sheet 5x7 tri x for 20$ ...
sometimes the best deals are right around the corner ...

1-Oct-2008, 10:32
well yeah, just any places you can find cheap film, Im looking for slide film mostly... Kodak Portra NC film?

Portra NC is color negative film...

Check stores for "near date" or "slightly out of date" film...usually sold at 1/2 price. Also, eBay and your local craigslist is perfect for out of date film.

18-Jun-2013, 02:19
PhotoUK is another really good site for cheap film - www.PhotoUK.co.uk

sun of sand
19-Jun-2013, 23:41
you'd think with RIT being so close there would be "lots" of film on craigslist
I've bought film 1 time from a student at RIT
three times in 8 years have I found film worth the trip

perhaps next to an LA or SF, NY or Toronto