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30-Sep-2008, 11:35
There has been a lot of discussion on kodak Ektar or is it anastigmat lenses
most of the talk has been around the 203mm where these the only ones that were any good , I know you never sure until you use it , But would like some info on the 152mm one's do they have the same IQ as the 203mm :
Thanks for your time folks

Dan Fromm
30-Sep-2008, 12:20
Loren, anastigmat is not a design. Anastigmats are lenses that are fairly well corrected for astigmatism. Many, many designs have this property.

EKCo used Kodak Anastigmat, and later Ektar, as trade names, not to indicate their lenses' design. As to which Kodak Anastigmats are good, all are at least adequate.

To learn more about these lenses, visit this site: http://www.prairienet.org/b-wallen/BN_Photo/Kodak_index2.htm and root around very thoroughly; follow every link as far as it will take you.

The 203/7.7 KA (later Ektar) is a dialyte type. I have a 170/7.7 dialyte type KA, and there are other focal lengths too. The 152 you asked about may be a tessar type (if f/4.5), and I suspect it might be a dialyte type too (if f/7.7). Some of the f/6.3 KAs are tessar types, others are dialytes.

30-Sep-2008, 12:30
Thanks : Dan: Will go gold diging later on, thanks for your help: Lauren

30-Sep-2008, 13:11
I believe the Anastigmat is the same as the Ektar just an earlier version ans probably uncoated.

Jim Galli
30-Sep-2008, 15:35
The f7.7 series are dialyt type lenses. OK uncoated, but 8 air to glass interfaces takes a toll. Coated postwar lenses are stellar. There is a less well known 165mm f7.7 that may have only been used in Britain. I have one, it fits Copal 0, is coated, and blows a LOT of other lenses out of the water. I put it up against my 7 inch Protar VII which is no slouch, also coated, and the little Kodak was noticeably sharper. It's in the "keeper" drawer partly because it's far less common than the ubiquitous 203mm. I've bought and sold the 203's knowing heck, I can always get another one.