View Full Version : 65mm SA 5.6 - Horseman 45FA

29-Sep-2008, 03:58
Has anyone ever used a Schneider Super Angulon 65mm f5.6 lens on a horseman 45FA ? From the research i have done it looks like there is no recessed board for the 45FA, because the shutter controls will not fit. Is if possible to focus at infinity without a recessed board ? & if so would the camera bed be in the frame ? The 45FA also has the capability to drop down the bet 15 degrees. If it is possible to focus, is there any room for movements ?


Greg Lockrey
29-Sep-2008, 06:00
Yes. http://www.horsemanusa.com/lens_list.html

29-Sep-2008, 09:20
The Horseman 65mm lens, in its 5mm recessed board, fits on the FA and sits near the end of the focusing rail. In that configuration the front of the bed is visible in the lower portion of the 4x5 image (but it is not in a 6x12cm view). Dropping the bed and tilting the lens back also necessitates that the lens be moved farther back on the rails to where it is hanging on the end of the last 1/2 inch of focusing rail at infinity. It is stable like that and will focus fine. If you go to a more a recessed board, then there will be even more of the rail on which the front can clamp.