View Full Version : 135mm f3.5 Planar T* on that auction site

Vick Ko
28-Sep-2008, 17:11
There is a 135mm f3.5 Planar T* on that auction site.

The seller is in China, and is asking $4400.

Now I haven't looked for this lens for a while, but even at $4.4K, isn't that a bit high?


David A. Goldfarb
28-Sep-2008, 18:45
You've got to wonder what Zeiss would charge to multicoat a single-coated Planar. If it were $200 a surface, that's still just $2000, plus around $5-600 for the lens.

29-Sep-2008, 00:02
I saw it too but wasn't as community spirited as Vick. My plan was to wait until the seller got down to a realistic price and then feel bad about still not being able to afford it...

If they get $4400 for it I'd say good luck. It's a little sad to think that at that price it may not get used for much photography, more likley to be something to polish on the weekends.

David, where are you buying 135mm Planars for $5-600?

David A. Goldfarb
29-Sep-2008, 04:18
Well, maybe I haven't checked the price for a few years, before the Chinese were getting into the game. I got mine (single coated, second version in a regular Compur 1 shutter) as part of a package with my Tech V. What are they going for now?

Vick Ko
29-Sep-2008, 05:07
I'm told the fair street price is $3500 or so.

Any truth to that? I searched older posts in our own forum.


29-Sep-2008, 16:35
Well, maybe I haven't checked the price for a few years, before the Chinese were getting into the game. I got mine (single coated, second version in a regular Compur 1 shutter) as part of a package with my Tech V. What are they going for now?

I'd be very happy to get a single coated one for less than $1000. Things seem to have changed a lot even in the last 6 months.

If people are able to sell them for ~$4000 how long will it be before Zeiss makes another run? Surely they could make a killing by making 1000 and then selling them off slowly over a few years. It couldn't cost $4m to start production could it?

David A. Goldfarb
29-Sep-2008, 17:48
Amazing. Maybe I should have put my retirement fund into lenses.

Frank Petronio
29-Sep-2008, 19:16
I am not certain, but I think I saw a mint T* one go for $1700-1800 last year.

Of course I remember seeing Leica Noctiluxes sell for $1000 or so just a couple of years ago -- now they sell for $4500 to $6000. Those 35 ASPH Summiluxes appreciated a lot too.

29-Sep-2008, 20:10
Maybe there'll be a silver lining to the Wall Street Meltdown; all the Gordon Gecko's who've been buying up Planars and Noctiluxs might be forced into a margin call on their lens collections.

My problem is I want a Planar to use wide open, it doesn't look like I'll be able to afford one. In a way I feel like I have a greater right to it than people who will put it in a collection;)

Frank Petronio
29-Sep-2008, 21:41
Or a 135/3.5 Xenotar for $800, virtually identical to the Planar.

Or better yet, just get an $80 150/3.5 Xenar and have it mounted into a new shutter -- it will give you the same effect, just a bit softer.

29-Sep-2008, 22:53
Thanks Frank, I've got my eyes on the Xenotar's that come up on ebay but think a lot of them seem overpriced as well. I'll most likely buy one in the next few months.

I've also been thinking about having a play with a Xenar, Planar or Xenotar in the 105mm length since I shoot 6x9 only.

Vick Ko
6-Oct-2008, 05:24
Here is a 135mm f3.5 T* Planar. Isn't the seller one of "our members"?


Item 130260498687


David A. Goldfarb
6-Oct-2008, 05:59
That auction makes the dubious claim that the lens covers 5x7". If it is the same design as my single coated version, it just barely covers 4x5" with little room for movement.

Vick Ko
15-Oct-2008, 05:49
That fine lens is on the 'bay for only $3300 BIN.

Isn't anyone interested?

Last closing was at $2700. Is that all it is worth?


18-Oct-2008, 08:06
theres one up there now for 3,3k buy it now.

26-Oct-2008, 09:41
Dear Friends, I have a confession to make...

I am the sucker who picked up the 135mm Lens that started this thread. After taking it out of a test shoot, I must say this lens is worth every penny!

Carl Zeiss Planar 135mm T* @ f/4


26-Oct-2008, 10:02
Well there is no chance in the near future that I would be able to come anywhere near theprice of one of these lenses, but I have to say that is an amazing image, congrats on a great piece of glass.

Vick Ko
26-Oct-2008, 10:46
And Wow.
Perfectly round oof bokeh!

Now, could you have gotten the same with the non-T* version of the lens?

Or conversely, what would the same photo have looked like, with the non-T* version of the lens?

Enjoy your new lens.

And part of the joy, is knowing that it is a valuable, legendary lens, as well having incredible image-making capabilities.

Thanks for sharing the image.


28-Oct-2008, 08:28
this is from my planar 135 f/3.5 at f/4, it's done nicely with close up, tack sharp and contrast is excellent IMHO, rgds haryanto

Vick Ko
6-Jun-2012, 13:42
Another one .... $6K to $7K ??????
Item number: 110890339707

From 2008 at $3.5K or so, to now double?

Ramiro Elena
6-Jun-2012, 13:50
You mean I should have bought the one I saw for 350€ ? Damn...

Vick Ko
6-Jun-2012, 21:34
If it was the version with T* coating and 67mm filter size, then, yes.