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George Kara
28-Sep-2008, 14:02
I guess the issue with this lens will be chemical focus vs visual focus. I tried to read and understand some of the issues surrounding uncorrected light and adjust for it. Ill just burn through a bunch of my ancient polaroid 55 until I learn how to use this magnificent lens.

It's kind of like playing a very early instrument, they are quite different from the modern equivalent - but well worth it. The antithesis of the digital obsession with supposed sharpness or oversharpened, video like images.

This P&S appears to have far more personality than I am use to dealing with. But like anything worthwhile it will be fun learning the intricacies of the glass.

Yes I know the photos are overexposed, focus issues etc - but still there is a certain glow to the human figure with this old coot. You can throw as much contrasty light as you dare and it just softens and smooths the core shadow in a very attractive light.

I shot using one altman 300w light - no diffusion, and fill of a little table lamp. Approx 2 sec exposure at f11.


Oh forget it. I cant figure out how to upload on this very foru. 165K ends up being so small and it doesnt recognize my jpeg images.

Oh well.

Jim Galli
28-Sep-2008, 15:05
George, if you upload them some place on your web site at the size you want you can then click on the yellow mountain icon and drop the link where they are on your site in and it will open them here. Anxious to see what you got. jg

28-Sep-2008, 15:53
What's a P&S 18"?

Jan Pedersen
28-Sep-2008, 20:34
What's a P&S 18"?

It's what everybody wants but only a few can pay for :D

29-Sep-2008, 02:47
bump up ..

30-Sep-2008, 14:27
George ? this is torture ;)

Gene McCluney
30-Sep-2008, 14:36
P&S stands for Pinkham and Smith (a brand of lens)..usually associated with their "Visual Quality" (name) lens line for large format soft portrait type images.