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Tony Lakin
27-Sep-2008, 13:46
Is anyone able to advise me regarding the use of this casket set in particular, the between lens #1 is missing, how do I focus without this? is it ok to focus at the stopped down taking aperture? I think I recall something about the spectral response of modern films being different to the plates/films contemporary with the Vademecum set and that the 'between lens' are not required? maybe Ole could help, I have tried his Casket set Website to no avail.
A definitive answer would be greatly appreciated:) :) :)

27-Sep-2008, 15:56
As I understand the drill, focus open enough to see, stop down for DOF, refocus as necessary, if focus shifted.
I've done it with half a Protar, that didn't seem to shift much.
There is another recent thread around regarding some old weird lenses that shift all over the place.
Do a search using "Jim Galli" for oodles of experience with old lenses.

David A. Goldfarb
28-Sep-2008, 05:23
The "between" lens is only for UV sensitive plates. You don't need them for modern panchromatic film.

You can get some focus shift when you stop down, particularly with single cells, so it's a good idea to check focus at or near the shooting aperture.

Here's a thread I started on the Busch Vademecum Satz II over on APUG--


Tony Lakin
29-Sep-2008, 06:08
Thanks a lot guys, appreciate it.