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Jiri Vasina
27-Sep-2008, 13:20
I have a Hugo Meyer Weitwinkel Aristostigmat lens, for which I have hunted down a Compur No.2 shutter. At first, it seems to be a win, the lens cells do screw perfectly in the shutter. But the shutter barrel is much longer than the original barrel with the aperture, resulting in the cell spacing being off. (I have only tried shooting the lens in the original barrel with aperture, not in the shutter).

My question is how important is this, and if there is any solution. Could I try and use the lens cells with spacing different than originally intended? If not, is there a way to modify the shutter? (That would probably mean SK Grimes, or similar, am I right? Then, my question would be, how much does SK Grimes charge for mating lens cells with a shutter if you provide both?)

(I fear that the answer is obvious - the spacing is important, but I'm hoping for a miracle... :) . So the second question regarding the usual price is probably more important...).

Peter K
27-Sep-2008, 14:17
The spacing is very important with an accuracy of 1/10 mm. So an adapter should be made. Possible it's easier to look for a mechanical shop. But the last ditch is always SK Grimes.

Dan Fromm
27-Sep-2008, 15:10
Jiri, how much longer is the shutter than the lens' barrel?

I ask because I had a similar problem when transferring a 65/8 Ilex' cells from a tiny Ilex electric shutter to a new old stock (probably made for a folder) Compur #00. I sent the two shutters and lens to Steve, who called me after they arrived and said "Its the shoulder problem."

He opened up the front and rear of the Compur's barrel so the cells would seat properly. IIRC, he charged me $US 75 for that work. Prices have risen since then. But that's what will have to be done so the cells will seat properly in your shutter.

Adapters? Silly idea, as you describe the situation they would have to have negative length.

Write to Adam, explain the situation, tell him how long the barrel and shutter are, and ask for a quotation.

I was up there on Wednesday to discuss a project. Their backlog is under control so if you have skgrimes do the work the turnaround shouldn't be as horrible as it has been.

Which Aristostigmat do you have? I ask because I have a coated 100/6.3 in barrel that, on the basis of one botched test, I'm not passionate enough about to have a board drilled for.



Darren Kruger
27-Sep-2008, 15:44
I have a Hugo Meyer Weitwinkel Aristostigmat lens, for which I have hunted down a Compur No.2 shutter.

Which Compur #2 shutter do you have (or which lens was it for?) there were many different made. Ole listed a bunch in this thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?p=223663).

The Symmar 24mm I have in a Compur #2 has a barrel length of 25mm; the Meyer Weitwinkel Aristostigmat f6.3 160mm I have needs a barrel length of only 20mm.


Jiri Vasina
28-Sep-2008, 09:37
Thanks for all the answers, they convey what I was fearing...

My Aristostigmat is a ~160mm (6 1/4") Wide Angle Aristostigmat f:6.3 - so possibly the same as Darren's. The barrel with aperture is 21mm give or take some .1mm.

The shutter is probably from a Dagor f:7.7 lens (has aperture scale from f/7.7 to f/32). The length of the barrel is a whopping 35mm - so according to Ole's data, it would make it a "Compur 2-X Tube 5/I".

From what I see there, what I need is neither one of the Compur 2 shutters Ole listed - with 21mm (or 20mm) it's just too short for any of the 3.

Since my original question, I have found one more shutter - on my old Ica Ideal 10x15cm camera (whose only purpose at the moment is to be a decoration in the living room) is a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar in Compur shutter - and as I have just measured the sizes, it seems to be a "Compur 2-X Tube 6/II".

So at the moment, even if I do decide to have the Aristostigmat mounted in a shutter, I have at least one spare Compur 2 shutter (the Ica on display can live without a lens, or have a different, less rare one :) ).

Dan Fromm
28-Sep-2008, 10:39
Jiri, I can't understand why Meyer made y'r lens to go in such a big expensive shutter. A #1 is the right length and has a diaphragm that opens more than wide enough.

I wonder if Meyer did with your ~160 Aristostigmat what Boyer did with my 210 Zircon. That lens is in a barrel much larger than #1 but the cells screw into little discs that fit the barrel; when the discs are removed the cells go into a #1 and the spacing is right.

The situation with my little 100/6.3 is the opposite; its cells' mounting threads are smaller than a #00.



You always wanted a 13x17 Mentor, didn't you?

Jiri Vasina
28-Sep-2008, 11:13
Dan, regarding the Meyer lens, I don't know why it's made in that way. I checked the lens cells against a Synchro-Compur (of my Repro-Claron 305mm), and the Aristostigmat's cells seem to be just very slightly larger. And yes, it seems to be only the problem of the metalworks, not the glass, so that they could write nice large label. (maybe it's to ensure no vigneting even with some filter attached, but who knows)...

I have yet to check the performance of this lens - I'm still looking for a wide angle lens in the 150-165mm range for my 5×8" Chamonix camera - the Ilex Paragon Anastigmat 165mm had too small image circle. The 150mm G-Claron is only slightly better, I've run out of image circle several times too. This 6 1/4" (~160mm) Wide Angle Aristostigmat should have even larger image circle, and from my several compositions, it seems to fulfill this promise - but I have not yet scanned the films to check the performance...

Dan, to your second question: at some time I was looking for a 4x5"/9x12cm reflex camera (be it a Graflex or Mentor). I was also contemplating a 5x7"/13x18cm one, but feared it would be too large and heavy for any reasonable work. In the end I bought a Graflex 3 1/4×4 1/4", with a bag mag and a 6x9cm roll holder, through which I have put some first sheets and 1 roll. I have yet to solve the problem of developing the sheets (they would not fit in the Jobo 2509N reel), but have an idea on that.

You have a 13x18cm Mentor Reflex camera at hand? Please, don't say you do, I would be tempted to find out more, and how I would manage not to buy one I don't know... :D

Dan Fromm
28-Sep-2008, 13:04
Jiri, you're safe, I don't have a 13x18 Mentor SLR. Or any other size. Or a Panorama or Studiokamera.

They all show up from time to time on eBay.de. At the moment, several 13x18 Mentor monorails and press cameras are on offer there, but no big reflexes. More temptation to avoid. I use this mantra to keep myself from buying a big camera: "I'm not good enough to benefit from it."

I've had the opportunity to touch a variety of Graflexes at camera shows, including a 5x7. They're nowhere near as heavy as they look. Hollow, y'know.