View Full Version : Hermagis Casket set about to see the light of day

25-Sep-2008, 20:57
So, I finally have gotten outside and done something productive with my day after rolling my truck and being, well, bitter and pissed off. Nothing like some old french glass (or young french lass?) to get me motivated to be behind the camera again.

I have yet to shoot this lens and this was the first time that I had it on my 8x15 and was messing around trying to establish the focal lengths of the individual elements and the focal lengths of some combinations. Surprisngly, I have more than enough options that will cover 8x15, albeit some sharper than others towards the corners. Granted, I will be shooting wet plate with this (and mayb, just maybe some cut down 8x20 film) the soft edges are not an unwelcome factor.

the longest focal length is 600mm (single cell) and I believe it goes down to 110mm but could not collapse my 8x15 that far. So, now I wait for me sheet metal to be cut and then its off to do some shooting.

Jiri Vasina
25-Sep-2008, 22:20
Hollis, just a hint of which you may already know - if you're hesitant cutting your 8x20 film (understandably), why not try ordering some Wephota film? It will be cut and packaged for your specific size, and they don't need you to order a full wagon of it. I've just developed first sheets of Wephota NP15 (ISO 25 speed film) and it does not look any worse than Efke 25 (and for me, this is a very good film)...

But anyway I look forward to see you shots with the set.

Ole Tjugen
25-Sep-2008, 22:21
Is it anything like this one?

If not, I would appreciate any pictures (both of and with the set) or information to put on www.casket-set.com (http://www.casket-set.com) .

26-Sep-2008, 22:21

I had no idea about that company, Ill def. check it out.

And Ole,

I knew you had a casket set site up, just couldn't remember where it was. No, my lens does not really look like that. it is a barrel, and then 6 elements, some of which have a brass ring, some are all black enamel. I think that the all black ones were probably meant to be rear elements only, thus unseen from the exterior of the camera. The markings, in script on the elements are either APL or GA (grand angle?). There are 2 apl 5's, an apl 6, apl, 7, GA 5 and GA 7. Ill make sure when I pull it out and shoot it tomorrow. The barrel is only cut for waterhouse stops and I believe it to be original since the set also came with a full set of brass stops in their own leather sheath with its own divider in the casket. It is a beautiful set and one of my most prized possesions. Ill get photos tomorrow, too late right now.

26-Sep-2008, 22:22
Oh, and Jiri, do you have a website for the wephota?