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Michel Berard
24-Sep-2008, 17:01
I have just one year in 4x5.

This weekend I make a mistake, I was shooting landscape whith TX320 and set my reading at 320. At one moment of the day I met a fathers with is beautifull little girl, I ask him to make a portrait and he said yes. But in my bag I take the wrong 4x5 holder, I take my Delta 100 older.

In fact I shoot the Delta 100 with a reading 320.
How I can develop the film to save the negative, it is possible with the minimum damage for the portrait?

My developper is D76 or Tmax Developper

Michel Berard (Quebec)

24-Sep-2008, 17:08
What you have done is under exposed the film by almost two stops (100-200-400).

To develop, you should increase the time proportionally. Check online for information. Usually to push one stop you develop for between 1.5-2x normal. So if your dev time is 3 minutes you should be at about 6 or 7 minutes.

If I were you, take a piece of Delta 100, expose it at 320, and develop it for 2x normal development time. If it is too dense, reduce development time, if it is not dense enough, increase development time.

You're better off wasting one or two sheets of Delta 100 by testing than to lose the important sheet that is your portrait.

Michel Berard
24-Sep-2008, 17:27
Thanks Ash, I will take some new sheets of Delta and make the test before. I have not think at this solution!

24-Sep-2008, 17:41
You may want to do the tests suggested with a speed-enhancing developer such as DD-X (Ilford's recommended developer for pushing Delta100) but even they only give times for up to EI 200. They give an "emergency" suggestion for EI 400 of 10 minutes in Microphen stock dilution @20c. Delta 100 datasheet here: (Opens as a PDF (http://www.ilfordphoto.com/download.asp?n=18&f=20061301938422338.pdf))

Good luck, Bob.

24-Sep-2008, 17:42
It's best if you expose two or three if the portrait is really important to you. Pushing film is very experimental. You might find the first is way over developed or well under developed. You should be able to get your time almost-perfect in 3 sheets. :)

See this link also: