View Full Version : 80mm Super Symmar with 6x9 format

Sandy Sorlien
9-May-2001, 22:01
Greetings, I'm after a second lens for my Arca Swiss 6x9FC, to complement my 65/ 5.6 Super Angulon. I shoot mostly architecture exteriors so I sometimes use maxi mum movements and need good coverage. I am intrigued by descriptions on this si te of the 80/4.5 Super Symmar which apparently has great coverage and small size . 110 degrees seems like plenty for the 6x9 format. Has anyone used this lens wi th this format? How's the edge-to-edge sharpness and coverage? Also, am I correct in figuring it would be equivalent to a 35mm lens on 35mm for mat? Bonus question: Am I correct in thinking an f/8 lens will be too dark to use the binocular viewer? Thanks!