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Kevin Crisp
10-May-2001, 16:00
For not very much I bought 100 sheets of allegedly refrigerated or frozen Super- XX. It expired 9/80. Can anyone give me a starting time/temp with whatever wou ld be a good developer for it. (D76? HC110? Rodinal?) I'm not sure I can fin d my old data guide. Second question, is there some way to minimize fog on film through processing? I know Betriozole (sp) is touted as helping with paper. W hat might help with film, if anything? Thanks for any suggestions.

10-May-2001, 17:37
Kevin, according to an old Kodak film guide here, they recommend HC-110 Dil A or B, and DK-50 straight, or 1:1. Here are the times at 68 degrees F: HC-110 A 3.25' in tray/4' tank. HC-110 B 5' tray/7' tank. DK-50 4.25' in tray//5.5 tank. DK-50 1:1 7' tray/9' tank. I think you probably could use Benzotriozale (again sp??), Liquid Orthozite, or even a potassium bromide solution to restrain fog in development. I would probably just shoot a test first though, but 9/80 was a pretty long time ago...I've shot Plus-X that's been refrigerated since '85 and it was so-so....

Doug Paramore
10-May-2001, 18:43
Kevin: I shot quite a few shots on 8x10 SuperXX that was 1979 vintage and had been frozen. It was developed in HC110. There was a slight age fogging overall, but it was kinda like "Pre-exposure". The negs printed quite well as contacts. I would not use it for important shots that can't be duplicated, but overall it works o.k.


Jeff Buckels
14-May-2001, 11:46
Kevin: Where did you get the Super XX?? -jeff buckels (albuquerque)

30-Sep-2004, 08:56
Bergger Film and Papers of France is producing their own version of Super-XX. It is available at Calumet for a comprable price to anything from Kodak or Ilford. I'm planning to play with it in the next few weeks.

Has anyone used it? the Bergger film?


tim atherton
30-Sep-2004, 09:12
"Bergger Film and Papers of France is producing their own version of Super-XX"

I think all you'll find is that what Bergger makes (sells) is their own version of Forte 200 - very nice BTW, with subtle differences from Forte - but not really Super-XX

Kevin - why don't you ask Michael SMith what he uses - he's still using Super-XX by the cart load isn't he?