View Full Version : sironar-n 180mm lens (58mm filtersize- and a 60mm B-W filter)?

Van Gelder Patrick
30-Jun-2001, 11:45
Hello ,

In a hurry i bought 2 B+W filters (60mm) for my sironar-n 180mm lens . BIG mistake because it's only 58mm filtersize .So i heard there are special ring s for connecting 2 different lens-filter sizes but it seems only 58-62 and no 58 -60 mm ? If anyone knows where to find such a thing please let me know ...


Robert A. Zeichner
30-Jun-2001, 13:26
My B&W price book indicates a cat #65-099684 as an adapter for a 60EI to a 58ESA. At a retail price of only $104, you might want see if the dealer you purchased the incorrect filters from would take them back with a restocking fee. That might be a less expensive alternative. The other possible route is to off them on ebay in the Leica section. If memory serves me, the 60mm will fit a number a Leitz lenses.

Bob Salomon
30-Jun-2001, 15:04
A solid brass Heliopan 58 to 60mm step up ring is Catalog # 700320 and has a MSRP of $34.00.

It can be ordered from any US camera store and we usually keep these in stock.