View Full Version : Do I need recessed lensboard for Fujinon 5.6/105 NW

Arne Norris
21-Sep-2008, 18:09
On a Linhof Master Technika, do I need to use a recessed lensboard with the NW version of the Fujinon 5.6/105 to be able to leave the lens inside the closed camera?

Or can I mount this lens on a flt board?

I believe I've heard of people having 135 and 150mm Sironar N lenses on flat boards inside their Technikas. But Linhof recommends recessed boards for everything, so it's a bit confusing. I wish there were specs for this!

Thanks all!

Joseph O'Neil
21-Sep-2008, 18:30
I used to use one of these lenses on both my crown graphic & tachihara, and not a problem reaching focus at all. hope that helps

Peter K
22-Sep-2008, 00:47
With a 90mm lens mounted on a flat lensboard I've never had any problem with my Technika 4x5". But with 75mm and shorter lenses a recessed lensboard should be used.