View Full Version : Print washer: Cachet EcoWash or Nova Washmaster II

Jeanette Liang
28-Jun-2001, 22:10
I'm making the final purchases for my darkroom and have been looking at the Cachet EcoWasher. The specs recommend a water flowrate for a 11"x14" is 26 oz/minute (capacity of 12-11"x14" or 24-8"x10"). Has anyone had any experiences with this washer? Using less water appeals to me, but it means that I have to wash it for a longer time, then there's no real difference. My second choice is a 12"x16" WasherMaster II with 5 slots with a flowrate of 2 liters/minute. Also, what's the best way to make sure that my prints have been washed sufficiently? Thanks.

Jorge Gasteazoro
28-Jun-2001, 23:01
I have had a Cachet Eco washer for a few years, since it came out, and I can tell you I am very happy with it. Mine is a 16x20 and I can also wash 20x24 if I curl the print around the slots. Anyway, it is a good washer, I wash my prints for an hour and test them with silver nitrate, not once have I gotten a partially wash print. The only caveat I could find was that the washer has to be placed in a level surface, and I mean level, I even checked mine with a bubble level. If you dont then you dont have an even flow and prints on one side will wash more than others.

Jeff Buckels
29-Jun-2001, 13:01
The Versalab is much less expensive and it's probably the most durable of all the major washers on the market. I'm pretty sure it's every bit as good as the others. I love mine. These things aren't high-tech. BTW, there's a good plan for a homemade print and/or negative washer in Andreas Feininger's venerable work "Darkroom Techniques" (easy to find on bookfinder.com, etc., even Ebay sometimes). I'm making an 8x10 negative washer based partly on that and partly on the Versalab. -jb

30-Jun-2001, 00:13
I was going to mention the versalab but since it wasnt one of the 2 choices I decided I better not. But, since someone else did I'm off the hook and I second the motion. I doubt that a more expensive brand will actually work better although it may be sexier. I'm happy with mine and if it ever falls out my second story window it'll still work.

30-Jun-2001, 00:15
Check out "Red Village Photo" - I have one of there print washers that works fine and wasn't expensive.

Jeanette Liang
3-Aug-2001, 14:17
Thanks to all who responded. I finally decided on a Versalab.