View Full Version : remounting Fujinon 5.6/105 NW in new Copal 0 shutter question

Arne Norris
19-Sep-2008, 17:15
I am considering the purchase of a very nice Fujinon 5.6/105 NW lens (with EBC multicoating) which is currently mounted in a Copal type C shutter. This is the version with the silver shutter speed ring that proceeded the later all black versions.

It sounds like the shutter is fine, but I'm wondering if the lens could easily be remounted in the current version of Copal 0 shutter at a later date if needed.

Does anyone know if I can transfer the aperture scales from this earlier type C shutter to the latest version and thus easily remount the lens myself in a new shutter without having to have the scales custom engraved or the lens sent away to someplace to have the lens remounted?

I've attached an image showing the lens and shutter.


Don Dudenbostel
19-Sep-2008, 19:27
I believe - the shutter you have and the newer version are exactly the same except for the color of the ring. I could be wrong but this is my understanding. Curious why you would want to spend $230 or so for a black ring vs the chrome? I also understand they are mechanically the same. I just had Schneider rework my 121 SA that had a damaged shutter. It was in an original early 70's copal and was replaced with a new all black. It requires a new scale but to my knowledge the lens units fit correctly without any adjustment.

Arne Norris
20-Sep-2008, 09:29
The main reason I might consider switching to the latest version of Copal shutter is to be able to mount the lens into a recessed Linhof board.

The earlier versions of Copal shutters have the lever that is used to set the aperture on the bottom of the shutter. The latest version has it on top. There isn't enough clearance with the older shutter.

As far as versions of Copal 0 shutters go: I believe the current version has been made for about 15 years. I have seen three versions of Copal 0 shutters. The earliest two have silver rings, the second of these looks very much like the black versions. Then there is a third version that looks just like the second, but with a black ring. Then there is a forth version, with the aperture lever on top (and in plastic). This is the version that fits into the current Linhof recessed lensboard.

Peter K
20-Sep-2008, 11:55
The aperture lever comes always from the bottom of the shutter, but the plastic lever can be removed by unscrewing and mounting a distance piece. But with deep recessed boards also the connector for the cable release needs a distant piece too.

David Karp
20-Sep-2008, 21:02
Remember all,

Unlike the more typical arrangement that you find with Rodenstocks, Schneiders, and Nikons, the Fujinons have Copal shutters with the aperture adjustment lever on the bottom (at least all of my Fujinons have this setup).

Is that why you want to change the shutter?

Arne Norris
21-Sep-2008, 08:11

Yes, that's exactly why, because the aperture adjustment lever is on the bottom, and thus won't fit into a Linhof recessed lensboard if I decide that I need to mount it in one.

I was hoping that the aperture scales might just be able to be unscrewed from the original Copal 0 and screwed onto a new Copal shutter, and thus not require a custom fitting.

I was hoping someone had some experience with this.

This also brings up another question. Regarding the shutters having the lever at the bottom, did Fujinon use different Copal shutters from the ones the European manufactures were using at the time (which I presume had the lever on the top)? Would this make it difficult to switch a vintage Fujinon lens into a current Copal shutter due to different spacing or anything?

By the way, the 5.6/105 NW sounds like a very fine lens, anyone using one?

David Karp
21-Sep-2008, 08:28
I don't know for sure, but have serious doubts that the spacing would be any different. My guess is that you could just transfer the scales from one shutter to the other.

To be sure, try contacting www.lensn2shutter.com. He sells used Copal shutters that he has serviced. He will be able to help you for sure.