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17-Sep-2008, 16:02
I'd like to get some Bromoil printing done at some point. I have everything but the bleach.
a) What bleach is recommended?
b) What conditions do I bleach in - pitch black, safelight, daylight?

I've attempted Bleach-Bypass with some c-41 negs, but they have come out too dense to scan. They were fixed with typical fixer, then used stabiliser. I've decided to blix them to remove the silver layer and then re-wash with stabiliser. I have cut the strips into 4's already.
a) Can I blix with the lights on (ie blix in a basin)?
b) I'm getting nasty marks and streaks regardless of drying conditions. Should I be rinsing after stabiliser?

17-Sep-2008, 16:37
I've gone ahead and blixed in a tank with the light on, considering the negs are already fixed, and it's a bleach-fix compound