View Full Version : Problems mounting a modern Compur 1 into a Technika board

John Schneider
17-Sep-2008, 13:19
I tried mounting my 240 Germinar (in modern black Compur 1) into a #1 Technika board, but when I tighten down the lens nut it doesn't come to a hard stop, like with a Copal 1. Rather as you tighten the nut it compresses the aperture ring against the lensboard, preventing one from setting the aperture. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has discovered this. Am I missing a spacer ring, or is the Compur 1 board subtlety different from a Copal 1 board, or something else? Thank you.

Jim Noel
17-Sep-2008, 13:22
Make a shim to fit between the shutter and the lens board. It needs to be very narrow and slightly thicker than the aperture ring. Thin mat board will work.

Peter K
17-Sep-2008, 14:07
For the black Compur, Compur electronic etc. remote controls where aviable, mounted between shutter and lensboard. So a spacer ring was deliverd with the shutter. Without this spacer the shutter cannot fixed properly.

17-Sep-2008, 22:54
try reversing the lock ring

John Schneider
23-Sep-2008, 08:50
For the record, I found the original shims for a Compur 1, which took care of the problem: It takes two shims, each 48mm OD, 40mm ID, and 0.2mm thick.